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National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week Celebration

July 21, The National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation held its Mr. & Ms. NDPR in SM Angono as part of this year’s celebration of National Disability Week. It has been participated by 9 pairs of lovely Angels who wants to share their talents and confidence to the people loving them.

We at the Masters Psychological Services supports the PWD Community in all efforts that we can. We are very consistent with our core value, ”More than business, we are an advocacy.” We would like to inspire every person with special needs to continue on giving smiles to others.

Just like what our psychologist, Mr. Jhon Carandang, "My dear parents, your purpose here on earth is to love your children and my dear children your purpose here is to smile on us. Thank you for your smile, because as what St. Teresa of Calcutta said, ‘Smile is the beginning of love. Thank you my dear PWD Kids for loving us through your smile. So dear friends if we truly love them (PWD), just smile to them because they are loved."

The parents are gifted to have a child with special needs because God has given them a purpose, and that is to love.

Big thanks to the following who helped pursue this meaningful purpose:

Hon. Mayor Jeri Mae E. Calderon

Amormio Vitor - Officer, Persons with Disability Affairs Office

Armie Martinez - President, ASP Angono Chapter

Telly Calderon-Tamonan

Luisita S. Vestra - MSWD Officer

SPED teachers, PDAO officers, students and parents

Our doors will always be open to help because here at The Masters, we are your companion in help.

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