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Qua-WRITINGS: Spreading Advocacy Amidst the Pandemic

The Masters Psychological Services Mental Health Advocacy Volunteers held its first literature workshop on December 19, 2021. Initiated by Ms. Robee Francisco, Head Coordinator of TMPS MHAV Literature. In partnership with Bataan Peninsula State University Psychological Society. The members of TMPS MHAV and students from BPSU participated in the workshop.

This also served as a fund-raising project of the literature team to help the victims of Typhoon Odette. The workshop aims to train students, writers, and volunteers on how to effectively spread and better communicate our mental health advocacy to the public.

Two well-known writers trained the participants in this workshop. Mr. Jahric Lago is a writer, author, editor, graphic designer, and publisher at TBC publications—an independent publishing organization composed of in-house authors and writers, reveals his 10 secrets in writing that placed him to where he is now.

The author’s first secret was, write now, right now, while emphasizing the importance of reading, research, and exploring new genres. Mr. Lago also reminded us to always take even our most absurd ideas into a scene in our imagination that could make a fantastic story in the future. Of which, cooking the book before we let our work be exposed to our readers is the secret to a carefully written and readable story.

The last secret he revealed is, “if you really love writing, wear it” as he calls passion is fashion. He ends his talk by leaving an inspiring Mariah Carey quote, “when you believe in yourself enough and you know what you want, you’re going to make it happen.”

Moreover, former TMPS MHAV literature head coordinator, Ms. AT Banico demystifies us with her wisdom in writing. The UP student shares the 5W’s of feature writing. She tells us the true meaning of feature writing: to reflect reality through words.

The college poet also reminded us not to box our sources on the internet, rather we should ask people, expose ourselves to the real story, revisit the past and magnify pop culture and trends. She empowers the volunteer-writers to write a story from the position of the subject, not from the position of the writer.

The talk concludes by opening the submissions for stories and articles which can be posted on this blog site.

“If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write” by Martin Luther perfectly quotes this workshop thus, writers should take their pen to ignite the beginning of mentally healthier Filipinos.

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