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TMPS Launched Mental Health Advocacy Volunteer Program

To be the largest collaborative organization towards the development of the country; to establish a connection between professionals, and students in various fields.”

In the midst of the pandemic, enormous changes were experienced by people all over the world. A new normal situation has been continuously adapted since March 2020 and despite odds and challenges, the issues about mental health are still prevalent. With this, The Masters Psychological Services (TMPS), looked for ways to ensure that various advocacies regarding mental health will further develop its state in the Philippines which can ultimately help the majority and came up with the concept of “TMPS Mental Health Advocacy Volunteer.”

In March 07, 2021, TMPS posted registration form on their Facebook page for those who are willing to pledge effort in joining the group. As a result, an orientation was held on March 19, 2021, under the supervision of Mr. Christian Jasper Nicomedes, RPm. MPsy, Mr. Jhaven Mañas, RPm and Mr. Ronn Mikhael Avila, RPm. MPsy. Overall, there were 36 individuals from diverse fields and institutions who came together towards a common goal.

On the day of orientation, new members were inducted. The vision and mission of TMPS were discussed, but the essential thing to think about for the participants was the areas of volunteerism: research, debate, information dissemination, literature and film. The fields had their own duties for the interest of a person; they were liberated to choose on what team they wanted to be in.

Currently, 27 members registered for the research team led by Christian Jasper Nicomedes, where they seek to create research which will eventually develop interventions in the country. In addition, 19 joined the information dissemination team headed by Ronn Mikhael Avila which shall be in charge of publicizing important information about mental health. For the debate team, 4 members registered and would be headed by James Dinglasa and Mary Joyce Gamad, with the objective of addressing various issues through group discussions. The film field is composed of 8 registered members, led by Gerard Vincent Dimaano and Junas Herbolingo, where they intend to make short films and documentaries. Finally, the literature team has also 8 registered members headed by Adonijah Trixie Banico, where they are assigned in promoting different forms of literature in the field of mental health. In total, there are 66 volunteers under the head coordinator Jhaven Mañas, RPm.

The team is expected to start mobilizing online on March 31, 2021 while on-site events are yet to be organized due to the ongoing community quarantine.

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