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Want to help with the progress of psychology in the Philippines?


Here at The Masters Psychological Services, we value various researches and understand the difficulty in data gathering. So, we are now compiling survey forms from different researchers to catalyze the data gathering process for a wider reach.


Development of Filipino Resilience Scale
by Nicomedes, Manas, Gamad, Dinglasa, Patricio, and Distor

The Moderating Effect of Self-Efficacy on the Association of Shyness and Help-Seeking Behavior
by Lennon Andre Patricio
Help-seeking behavior is an important factor to improve mental health. However, there are people who are still avoiding help when they need it. This research hypothesized that shyness level and self-efficacy level are key elements to the level of help-seeking behavior. Hence, the study aims to examine the impact of shyness on help-seeking behavior and to identify whether levels of self-efficacy could influence their association.

Development of Filipino Integrity Test
by Christian Jasper Nicomedes
Research will be used to construct a local integrity test that can be utilized in the workplace setting.
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